The first issue

Welcome to the first issue of Fields & Stations.

We are excited to share lists – of characteristics, not venues – of Astoria (by Zora O’Neill), Goa (by Sheena Dabholkar), and Edinburgh (by Caroline Eden); and four reviews: of a distinctive Thai-Aussie hybrid larbh sandwich in Sydney (by Sheila Ngọc Phạm), of a Philadelphia-inflected cocktail (by Alisha Miranda); of Bangkok’s otherworldly Hotel Atlanta (by Zora O’Neill); and of one of Luanda’s cornershops, or mamadous, by Cláudio Silva.

Longer articles follow: Lee Cobaj’s wonderfully personal address book dedicated to her home neighbourhood, Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay; Robert Reid’s ode to the unloved yet lovable Oklahoma Panhandle; my road trip through western Ukraine and eastern Slovakia, deeply indebted to the photographic vision of Troy Litten; and Warren Singh-Bartlett’s love letter to Sidon, Lebanon.

The issue closes with Pam Mandel’s exploration of memory and time in Egypt in the early 1980s, a photo essay of Cuba, circa 2000, and a zippy list of trips and places on our radar.

The magazine was designed by A. Marta Ferreira, a Lisbon-based graphic designer.


Alex Robertson Textor, Editor