Fields & Stations is a print magazine about travel and places.

Fields & Stations is a print magazine about travel and places.

We publish passion pieces by great travel writers.

We love travel writing and we love travel, and we try hard never to forget that these are two different things.

We’re interested in the farthest-flung bits on the map as well as the everyday backyards that suffer from inadequate championing. We are travel nerds who have felt the irresistible lure of a package holiday. We crave the obscure, the profane, the refined, and the common.

We like road trips and code-switching, supermarkets and diglossia, slow trains and amusement parks, route maps and dusty museums, puddle jumpers and mass tourism sites, tasting menus and street food. We love the substance of travel and its details, the opportunities provided by travel to lance the cultural and political divides that threaten the world.

We believe that real and meaningful experiences are not rooted in authenticity. Cultures are constantly changing; a fixation on authenticity locks cultures in a box.

We also believe that there is an internal logic to travel writing, that it is a craft with its own conventions and characteristics, and that even a great writer might be a poor travel writer.

Our contributors make their homes on five continents.

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